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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Android Apps Run in Windows with blueStack

BlueStack, what bluestack? blueStack is an application that can connect a program to a windows-based PC, with the slogan "All Your Favorite Android Apps now on PC", BlueStack a Windows PC application that is widely used in the world.

These applications can run on Window XP, Vista and Windows 7, to be able to add applications to your BlueStacks can also transfer an existing application on the Android smartphone to the computer through an application known as the Cloud Connect.


The following is installation BlueStack
For Bluestack installation, you must connect to the internet first, because you will need an internet to install this application, once your download  application Bluestack


BlueStack is an emulator of android on windows operating system, if you want to play a game you just click an existing shortcut through blueStack, in this application you will also find an app channel, which is useful as android app market only channel connected to the chould bluestack that can provide hundreds or thousands of android applications which can be downloaded with the sync

If you want to download this application please click the link below
Download BlueStack

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